This early-harvest olive oil will bring you delicious tastes and aromas to your senses. Beginning with the main characteristic of this early-harvest olive oil, its bright green colour, moving onto intense fruitiness and fresh fruit flavour of green olives, hyper-fresh grassy aroma — likened to freshly cut herbs, fig tree and banana, among which stand out green almond. It is a full-bodied olive oil, well-balanced, with a slight bitterness and piquancy. It is a harmonious olive oil, very persistent and fresh in the mouth.

Olive oil is one of the most important ingredients in the healthy Mediterranean diet. You will enjoy a unique and incomparable moment of taste and health. It enriches and enhances the taste of any dish. It is perfect to consume as final seasoning in order not to lose its organoleptic properties. It is a very delicate olive oil and it loses most of its properties when it is heated. It contains a great power. We suggest this olive oil to obtain some important nutrients content.